Review Policy

Review Policy

If you would like to submit a review request, please send me an email at However, please take the time to read through a few of my reviews and my review policy.

I prefer reading young adult fiction and fantasy. I like some romance, but I’m not usually a fan of contemporary.

I will not accept requests for erotica or non-fiction.  Requests for these genres will automatically be deleted.

“Grading System”:

  • A: 5 stars

These books are rare. They make me think and feel, and they are beautifully written. It’s more than just a fun read. It’s a book I won’t forget.

  • B: 4 stars

This book is pretty darn good! It isn’t perfect, but I really enjoyed this one. It isn’t one of my favorites,  but there was still something special about it.

  • C: 3 stars

A C isn’t bad. It’s average—and so are these books. A book with a C was fun to read, but it wasn’t spectacular. It wasn’t bad either. It just was. I enjoyed the story and the characters, but it didn’t really make me feel anything or think any differently.

  • D: 2 stars

This book could be worse. A D is still passing, after all. I could maybe see why people liked this book, but I did not enjoy it. There may have been parts that were redeemable,  but overall, I wouldn’t recommend this book unless you’re a big fan of the genre.

  • F: 1 star

These are the books that did absolutely nothing for me. I wouldn’t recommend them. The characters were unrealistic/boring, and the plot was either boring or unoriginal. The writing was distracting. More than likely, this book made me angry (and not in a good way).