The Book I’m Trudging Through


A few weeks ago, I finished the my first book in months. Unfortunately, I hated it (see my review here). Now I’m on book three, and I read maybe 70 pages last week.

I just couldn’t find the motivation to read.

I was tired, and honestly, I wanted to do something more mind numbing. So instead of reading, I played Breath of the Wild and The Sims 4. Granted, I was also feeling a little under the weather, but whatever.

Anyway, I’ve been reading The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Potzsch and it totally seemed like something I’d love. Essentially, a boy turns up dead and the townspeople accuse a midwife of witchcraft. And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with the book. So far, it seems well-written and the characters seem well-developed.

But it just isn’t “doing it” for me right now. And yet I can’t help but feel guilty for wanting to put it down and move onto something else. Most of this stems from the fact that I have been struggling to finish books lately. I haven’t read a book that I’m truly “in the mood for” in a long time, and it’s frustrating because I know I’m the problem. I’m being too picky.

But I think I’m going to move on for now. I think I’ll pick up the book that interests me most, read it, and come back later. After all, isn’t the goal to read something you enjoy?

Anyway, is anyone else having the same struggle as me? Is there a book that has gotten you out of a slump before? Let me know in the comments below!

One thought on “The Book I’m Trudging Through

  1. FairytaleFeminista says:

    I’ve had reading slumps before and I find that it tends to happen to me when I’m reading too much of the same type of book. Sometimes reading outside my preferred genre helps, but it could also be that I just don’t like the book. Reading is one of the few things I do for pure enjoyment, so abandoning a book that isn’t “doing it” for me is like leaving bad food on a plate–I don’t want to waste the time and calories.

    On a separate note, I remember reading this book and liking it a lot, but when I read the the next one my attention waned and I abandoned the third mid-way. So it’s not just you.


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