Let’s Discuss: My Problem With Book Hauls

What are your thoughts on book hauls? Agree or disagree? Love ’em, hate ’em? Let me know in the comments below!

When I first started blogging, I loved a good book haul. I loved looking at those beautiful new (or used) books and perusing the titles. But now, I won’t even click on a book haul post.

So what changed?

Last summer, I decided I wanted to become a minimalist. This didn’t really work for me, but I did learn a few things. I learned to put more thought into what I buy: was this something I really needed or would it bring me joy (thanks, Marie Kondo)? I learned to let go of things I no longer needed. I learned that the amount I had didn’t matter nor did it lend to happiness.

I also realized that I was an impulsive shopper and that for me, book haul posts were essentially nudges towards impulsive buying. Instead of going to the bookstore for one or two books, I found myself buying five to ten. And honestly, these weren’t even books I had really wanted. They were books I thought might be interesting to read or had cool covers. But more often than not, these were books I wouldn’t read.

And I have to wonder: am I the only person who experiences this? Surely, I can’t be. Because underneath it all, a haul post of any kind encourages consumerism. It places value on material possessions.

But there isn’t  anything wrong with a book haul: I’d rather see people show off book collections than cars or money. And I appreciate the message that reading is worth our time and money. Furthermore, I don’t always see book hauls where the books are sparkly and new. I see some where they were bought second hand, and  I appreciate a good deal and the idea of reusing instead of wasting.

I guess at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. People post hauls, and others like them. As for me, I simply can’t handle the temptation.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss: My Problem With Book Hauls

  1. Guinevere says:

    Pretty much the same thing here. Book hauls were fun at first, but then I started to notice that the people I followed always talked about the same books. Living in Italy, it was a nice way to keep up with the latest releases in English, but I personally read old books the most so it became less and less interesting for me. And honestly, seeing people buying 20 books a month to unhaul them all in six months or a year is just not fun to me.


  2. fantasyst95 says:

    I have never made ‘book haul’ posts a regular thing for the same kind of reason. I knew I would get carried away and I’d never read all the books I’d buy. I think I spent some vouchers once and bought five books (so I blogged about that).

    I think it’s fine if you can exercise a bit of self control; I couldn’t afford to do it all the time even if I wanted to 😅

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  3. Elysa says:

    Regular book haul posts honestly make me a little concerned. I’ve seen people post monthly hauls and a couple even weekly! It makes me wonder if they’re buying and burdening themselves to keep up with the blog meme. I only post book hauls when I’ve found a new, independent bookstore, gone to a book festival, or visited my favorite used bookstore in Nashville where I get things for 10 cents each. Even then the “haul” may only be a couple of books. I just can’t imagine consistent haul posts with 10 or more books.


  4. Literary Elephant says:

    This is an interesting post. I think there are a lot of good reasons to dislike book hauls, but also they can be an easy way to talk about books you’re interested in even if you haven’t read them yet, which is helpful for reviewers who don’t read as fast/much. There are probably ways to showcase new books added to TBRs without involving money, and honestly I would prefer that. But also I do like to post a monthly book haul because they help me keep track of what I’m purchasing, and to limit myself. I feel like I have to defend myself for the weakness if I have a large haul, which can help me make more careful buying decisions when I know I’m going to hold myself to posting about it later. It holds me more accountable than a private list. But I do admit that I don’t particularly enjoy looking at other people’s hauls, and have been wondering about some sort of alternative for myself because even though I’m not buying more books in order to haul them, I still feel guilty about my hauls? It’s an interesting dilemma.


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