Random Ramblings: Book Slumps

I mentioned on my On Why I’ve Been MIA that I have been in a rather lengthy book slump. I went months without reading. This particular slump had more to do with my general unhappiness at my new job (I’m out now, but I had a a truly horrible and verbally abusive boss).

But this particular book slump made me realize just how ridiculously picky I can be with books. This happens especially when I’m in the mood for something like YA Fantasy. I want a strong female protagonist (I very rarely read from a guy’s perspective, especially with YA), but she can’t be “super tough” (aka a stereotypical strong girl who has had a tough past, can be a little mean, and insanely loyal to her family). I like a romance, but not one that’s central to the plot. Still gotta have it though. I love magic, but I don’t like changelings or werewolves or that sort of thing. Definitely no talking animals. I mean honestly, the list goes on.

And when I get into these “moods”, that’s literally all I want to read. I won’t touch a classic or a thriller or a mystery. It’s that “perfect book” or nothing.

Anyway, I’m trying not to be like that anymore. I still have things I don’t really like reading (YA contemporary romance, science fiction similar to The Martian, nonfiction), but I’m going to try to ignore my lengthy list of “wants” in a book and just find something I enjoy.

Anyway, let me know if you’re in a slump now, have a book you think I should read, or can relate to my post in the comments below!

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