Off Topic: Let’s Get Nostalgic, Movies & Shows

Yeah, yeah…Another completely off topic and totally not book related post, but I recently took a trip down memory lane. I was a true 90’s kid. I mean I “graduated” from the fifth grade in 2000 so yeah, my single digits were spent in the 90’s. And my awkward tween/teen years were spent in the early 2000’s. If you’re close to my age, you probably remember these moments too. Let me know you’re favorites in the comments below :).

When Lizzie McGuire stepped WAY out of comfort zone by performing at a huge concert.

Sure, there’s some seriously bad auto-tune here, but the moment was just so epic. Middle school me totally wanted a moment like this….But my middle school class didn’t go on trips to Europe before starting high school, so obviously that didn’t happen.

When this is what I thought the 21st century would look like.

All That was seriously the best show ever.

When Marnie and the gang sneak on the bus and go to Halloweentown.

Halloween never really felt like Halloween until I watched this movie. And yeah, I still watch it every October.

When Serena (Usagi) revealed her identity to Darien (Mamoru, my one true love).

I still love this scene. Sure, I like watching the original version more, but this cheesy dub will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks Cartoon Network.

When a boy who found out he was a wizard became an international sensation.

When my dad bought me a copy of the first book back in the 90’s, he had no idea that he was about to start a lifelong obsession. And yeah, I totally flipped over this trailer. And every subsequent book and trailer.

When this show gave me some serious nightmares.

Why did I watch it?

When they finally figured out that Hallie and Annie switched places.

I dreamed of finding out I had a twin, but unfortunately, that never happened.

When Disney made me fear elevators.

90’s Disney Channel Original Movies were the best.

When Mia made the best decision and lived out my biggest fantasies.

What is it about this movie that I love? The fact that Mia discovers she’s a princess? The fact that the popular hottie isn’t the romantic hero? The fact that Mia comes into herself? Honestly, probably everything. I watch this movie a few times a year, and I love this scene.

One thought on “Off Topic: Let’s Get Nostalgic, Movies & Shows

  1. bookbeachbunny says:

    I loved that version of the Parent Trap! One of my favorite films of the time period 🙂 I’m a couple of years older so I also most say I appreciated the yummy Dennis Quaid. And Natasha Richardson was such a great actress 😦
    I still sometimes watch the Harry Potter trailers when I don’t have enough time for the films.


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