Forget Me Not by A.M. Taylor: A Simple Whodunit That Was Seriously Lacking

Forget Me NotTitle: Forget Me Not

Author: A,M. Taylor

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Pages: N/A

Format: eBook

Other: Amazon, GoodReads

Grade:   D(2/5)

Description (from GoodReads):


When Maddie met Nora, their friendship felt as easy as breathing. And when Nora disappeared, all the air went with her. Without her best friend, Maddie’s life became impossible.

Ten years later, Nora is still missing and Maddie is still searching. People have been questioned. People have even been accused. But no one has managed to find Nora.

Then, in the same spot where Nora went missing, the murdered body of Nora’s little sister is found. Convinced this is no coincidence, Maddie resolves to uncover the killer and find Nora – dead or alive.

But will she be able to cope, when we learn what really happened to Nora…?

Quick Review

  • Figured out the murderer at the beginning of the book
  • Unrealistic plot that only exists so Maddie can figure it out
  • Annoying and selfish main character

Detailed Review

Thanks to Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

When Maddie was seventeen, her best friend, Nora, went missing. Ten years later, there hasn’t been an arrest and Nora hasn’t been found. But when Nora’s little sister’s body is found, Maddie finds that she’s determined more than ever to find out what happened to both Nora and her little sister.

Forget Me Not wasn’t a poorly written novel. The descriptions weren’t cheesy, and the dialogue didn’t usually make me cringe. I also enjoyed the flashbacks–I thought it added a nice, personal touch and allowed us to get to know Maddie better.

But ultimately, the statement that this wasn’t a “poorly written novel” is my positive for the book because so many other things were off.

But for me, the biggest problem I had with this book is that I figured out the mystery after the first few chapters. I’m pretty sure it was chapter one, but it took me awhile to read this book because I didn’t really enjoy it. So anyway, yeah. It’s blatantly obvious. I guess I get what the author was trying to do: he/she was trying to make sure the murderer was obvious from the beginning by including a scene where they interact with someone in a very creepy manner. In reality, this desperately needed to be toned down.  And Taylor did try to make other people look guilty. It could have worked if it hadn’t been for this initial scene. There were a few other major hints, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who might want to read it.

The plot was also incredibly unrealistic. This is a basic mystery. I figured it out early on, and yet I was expected to believe that the special agents brought in to investigate the case couldn’t figure it out. For example, Maddie has the brilliant idea (that obviously no one else would have thought of) to go into both Nora and Noelle’s Facebooks. Like the investigators wouldn’t have gotten a warrant (and yes, someone being presumed murdered and definitely murdered is enough to get a warrant to read that person’s messages). And if they would have gone through those messages, then they would have figured out who was responsible for their death’s. But you know, Maddie’s a brilliant armchair detective, so she has to figure it out.

There were also these incredibly painful parts where Maddie logs into Reddit to read theories about Nora’s disappearance. Apparently, some kid from her hometown blogs about it. Right, okay. It was just awkward.

And then there’s Maddie herself. Maddie is selfish and abrasive. She jumps quickly into police interrogation mode, but it just felt odd because who does that? More importantly, other characters tiptoe around poor Maddie’s grief, including the brother of the two deceased girls. Yeah, sorry? He’s the one who lost his sisters. By the end of the novel, I was tired of Maddie.

So in the end, I didn’t like Forget Me Not. It’s too obvious, there are some major issues with plot, and the main character is annoying. 

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