Random Ramblings, #8

Bookish Ramblings

1. I’m currently reading a book I requested on NetGalley.  It’s a mystery/psychological thriller. While it’s interesting, I think I already have it figured out and I’m only 11% in. I really hope I’m wrong. 

2. I recently finished Everless by Sara Holland, and it’s the first YA fantasy novel I’ve liked in awhile. Recently, I’ve read a lot of popular titles that I didn’t enjoy, and while Everless isn’t one of my favorites, I’m glad I read it. 

Writing Ramblings

1. I’ve been spending more time working on this blog than I have on my writing.  I love blogging, but I should spend more of my time working on my WIPs. I just haven’t felt like writing. Besides, I like getting responses right away which obviously isn’t a possibility when I’m writing a novel or short story. But I’m going to try to start focusing again. 

2. I typically incorporate romance into what I write. It’s rarely a major part of the story, but it is a subplot. I sometimes wish I could try to write without one, but I always gravitate towards a romantic relationship. Frustrating, but I guess it’s what I like. 

Personal Ramblings

1. My husband and I decided we can’t spend ALL our time at the beach, so we’re trying to explore other parts of the city. We decided we wanted to be tourists this weekend and do something super touristy. We went to Old Town over the weekend, and it was just as cheesy as I expect and totally not my thing. But hey, at least we did it, and now I know it’s not somewhere I’d take a visiting friend. Now if only the San Diego zoo weren’t so hella expensive…

2. I think I mentioned awhile ago that I did the Konmari method to declutter my house. I primarily did it because we were making such a big move, and we were moving from a four bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment. Yeah, it was an adjustment. But anyway, I’m still keeping up with it. I was always a pretty messy person, but it was because I had so much crap and no where to put it. Now I have only what I need and love, and everything has a place. It’s so amazing and easy, and my apartment is always clean. 

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