A Thrilling Survival Story: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King

the girl who loved tom gordonThose of you who have been following me for awhile probably know that I’m a huge Stephen King fan. Typical, I know. But I truly believe he’s a great writer. How could he not be? So many of his books are iconic and are firmly part of American pop culture.

This was the book that started my obsession. I was eleven and recently read Hatchet. I didn’t like it very much because I thought it was boring, and quite frankly, I was tired of reading about guys. Kind of a side note here, but this was in 2000, and most of the young adult and middle grade literature I had been exposed to primarily featured a male lead. It’s the opposite today, but back then, I felt like it was hard to find a female protagonist in literature.

That’s probably one of the reasons i loved this book. But I also loved it because it was terrifying. Grated, I was only eleven, so I don’t think this is saying much.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is about a nine-year-old girl named Trisha who goes on a hike with her mother and brother. She strays off the path and gets lost. The only thing she has to keep her comfort is her portable radio, and she spends much of her time listening to baseball games, hoping to be rescued. But of course, she’s contending with nature and maybe something supernatural as well…

I haven’t read this in a long time, but even now, the basic story is intriguing. In fact, I’ll probably pick it up again. I also think it’s a great “intro-to-Stephen-King novel”. It’s not heavy on the supernatural elements,  and I wouldn’t even say it’s true horror. If anything, it’s more of a psychological thriller.

So if you’re looking for something a little unsettling, you like survival stories, or you’re trying to ease into the world of Stephen King, pick up A Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. And if you have read it, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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