The Weekly Wrap, #2

What I’ve Been Reading

The Skylark’s Song by J.M. Frey. Link to review.

  • What it was about: A flight mechanic who gains the attention of a notorious fighter pilot called the Coyote.
  • Initial Thoughts: Yeah, it wasn’t my cup of tea. I thought it was cheesy.

The Stand by Stephen King. Still reading.

  • What it was about: An inmate escapes and spreads a deadly virus across the world.
  • Initial thoughts: Yeah…I know. Still reading it. Granted,I’m reading multiple books at a time right now….Anyway, I DO like it. It’s just a thousand something pages long.

Everless by Sarah Holland. Still reading

  • What it was about: Jules lives in a world where time is literally money. When Jules learn her father has been selling his time and is now dying, she must go to Everless and try to earn time for him before she loses him.
  • Initial Thoughts: The whole concept is disturbing. I mean, Jeez. You can sell your time. People can steal it from you. Anyway, I like it so far. There have been a few parts where it was a little…obvious?…but so far, so good.

What I Wrote

What I Did

1. I spent a lot of time with this little one. We’re working on agility training, but she hasn’t quite mastered that yet.


2.  I finally finished watching Sharp Objects. SO GOOD. Is it bad I enjoyed the show more than the book? Oops.

3. I went to the beach. Seriously, I think I’m becoming a beach rat.

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