Daughter of Light and Shadows by Anna McKerrow, a Steamy Fantasy Romance

daughter of light and shadowsTitle: Daughter of Light and Shadows

Author: Anna McKerrow

Genre: Fantasy, romance

Pages: 384

Format: eBook

Other: Amazon, GoodReads

Grade:  D (2/5)

Description (from the publisher):

Faye Morgan – beautiful, independent and lonely – runs her family’s small shop of magical curiosities like her mother and grandmother before her. She longs for an escape, unaware of the dark power that flows through her veins…
When Faye casts a spell into the sea one cold morning, her call brings her to the attention of the wild and impulsive faerie king Finn Beatha. Finn pulls Faye into an intoxicating new world, both magical and treacherous… and as bewitching as Finn himself, who seems to command every part of her when he’s near.
As Faye’s passion for Finn grows, so does her fear that she might be there for some darker reason… and that she could be trapped in Faerie forever. Is there something in Faye’s past connecting her to this place, to Finn? And dare she find out more when every moment draws her further away from her old world?


Quick Review

  • Super beautiful MC who doesn’t think she’s that great but all the men fawn over her.
  • Hot dudes who have no personality.
  • Is there a plot? I’m not sure.

Detailed Review

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this book. 

Faye comes from a family of witches, but she doesn’t know how powerful she really is. After she casts a love spell, she meets two handsome men: Rav, her new neighbor, and Finn, a passionate and powerful Faerie King. But when Finn pulls her into his world, she isn’t sure if she should love it or fear it. 

When I requested this book, I  thought I knew what I was getting into. I expected a smutty fantasy romance, something like The Sookie Stackhouse series or Darkfever.  I wasn’t expecting quality writing, just something fun to read. Unfortunately, Daughter of Light and Shadows still managed to disappoint.

There were moments when Daughter of Light and Shadow was entertaining. It certainly wasn’t the worst book I’ve ever read. Honestly, I like romance, and I liked the idea of Faye being pulled into this faerie world. And I also loved that she wasn’t a normal human girl–she’s a witch. It was a fascinating idea.

But none of the characters were really interesting. Instead, they felt like stock characters. There’s Faye who’s too much of a Mary Sue. You know the type: she’s beautiful but doesn’t know it, she’s strong and brave, and she’s smart too. Men fawn over her. And sure, she’s selfish at times, but that’s only because she’s under some faerie spell. Essentially, she has no real flaws.

The love interests aren’t much better. They’re both super hot and super into Faye, despite not really knowing her. They didn’t have much personality outside of their interest in Faye.

There’s also not much depth, in either the world building or the magic system. The magic system was a little too 90’s witch for me. You know, Book of Shadows, cheesy spells, and tarot cards. The world was a little too basic. There’s Faye’s magic shop, the beach, Rav’s house, and Faerie. But honestly, I couldn’t tell you much about anything.

Ultimately, it would seem like the plot would be this novel’s saving grace, but even that was poorly executed. It felt really scattered, and there were too many loose ends. While this is the first book of a series, there should have been more answers to some of the things Faye discovers. Things just wrapped up too easily and other plot lines were forgotten.  It’s unfortunate because more focus on some of the other plots would have been way more interesting, but in the end it was confusing and anti-climatic.

Honestly, I’ll forget about this book in a week, maybe even less than that.

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