Random Ramblings, #7

Bookish Ramblings

Random, but I’m trying to actually use Twitter. I’ve had an account for awhile, but I honestly just had my blog set to repost there. Never actually logged on…until now! Anyway, Follow me @TheCoziedReader if you’re on twitter. 🙂

1. I mean I know I have probably said this before, but I am obsessed with Stephen King. Why is he so brilliant?! He can make anything frightening. I’ve been reading The Stand, and whoever thought I could be terrified of the flu? Just kidding…kind of. I just love how conversational his books feel, you know? 

2. Also, I’m starting to go through a thriller/horror phase. Lately, I’ve been into YA Fantasy, but I really need a break. I’ve always loved horror/thrillers, so it’s really not anything new. I think Sharp Objects started this round. I mean the book is entertaining and all, but I’m really digging the show. 

Writing Ramblings

1.  I finally completed my final revisions for a short story I wrote at the beginning of the yearSlow, right? I also submitted it to a few literary magazines which I have never done before. It’s DEFINITELY going to be rejected, but I decided to take the plunge and get used to rejection. How else am I supposed to become a “real” writer? I’ve gotta build that thick skin somehow…

2. I’m also focusing  on short stories right now. I feel like that’s the best way to improve my writing. 

Personal Ramblings

1.I’m still unemployed, but I think I’m getting better about this job application thing. Looking back, the first few resumes I sent out were NOT good. Honestly, I haven’t had to apply for a “real job” in over five years, so it’s a little tricky getting back into the game. And you know, now that LinkedIn is a thing, it feels like a completely different game. 

2. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I have a dog and two cats. I’m a HUGE animal person. Anyway, we rescued my dog as a puppy and we’ve almost had her for a year now. Someone found her and her sister in a cage. She was covered in feces and ticks, was severely underweight, and had worms. So yeah, she had a rough start to life. She’s always been very timid, especially around men. She was terrified of my husband when we first got her. But she’s a sweet dog and I love her to death. She’s also not used to living in an apartment. She’s TERRIFIED when we go on walks even though we live in a relatively quiet and very safe neighborhood. She tries to pull out of her harness if someone is walking on the other side of the road. We’re working on her behavior, but it’s SO frustrating at times. But she is getting better, so there’s that. 

4 thoughts on “Random Ramblings, #7

  1. bookbeachbunny says:

    Followed you on Twitter! I think one of my September goals is going to be to actually use mine but I never have any idea what to write. It’s like I have Twitter Block or something 🙂 My family used to do a cat rescue and all our dogs have been rescues sometimes it’s hard because of what’s been done to them and where they’ve come from but its awesome your working with her!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Megan says:

      Thanks! I followed you back :). Yeah, I don’t either. It’s silly because I’ve been using social media since middle school (Myspace was an embarrassing period in my life), but I ‘m still so awkward when I use it.

      A cat rescue?! That’s so cool! Yeah, I love rescuing animals–all my pets are adopted– but you really have to be patient with them. It’s frustrating at times, but I’m so completely in love with my fur children, so it’s worth it.


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