Random Ramblings, #5

Bookish Ramblings

1. I’m finally getting back into reading. Last week, I mentioned that I’ve been having trouble focusing due to anxiety. Well, even though I’m DEFINITELY stressed because of the job hunt, I also know I need to take time for my hobbies.

2. Did ya’ll know there was such a thing as a Goodwill Bookstore?!  I didn’t. These weren’t a thing in my old home, but there are a few here, AND DAMN. I needed to replace my copy of Goblet of Fire because it was falling apart, and I’ve been searching for an affordable hardback in good condition for awhile. Do you know how hard that this is to find? Anyway, I found one for $5. I was super excited about it. 

Writing Ramblings

1.  I’m excited about writing again. Like I said, I’ve been stressed. New place, new state, no job, no friends. It’s a lot. However, I think that my current unemployment could be an opportunity for me to focus on my writing, and maybe that’s a blessing in disguise. 

2. I have two WIPs (work in progress), and now I’m thinking that maybe if I combine the bones, I’ll have a better and more complex main WIP.  I realized there were so many similarities between the two, and they were starting to overlap. I think I’m going to take some of the ideas from WIP2 and bring them into WIP1, because I had honestly been stuck on WIP1 for awhile. 

Personal Ramblings

1.San Diego is a little crazy. I came from a much smaller city, and there are just so many things here that are bizarre. It’s so crowded, and there are so many highways, and honestly, it’s so overwhelming.  

2. I thought I would immediately love it here, but I don’t. I know it’ll take time, and there are so many things that I do love. However, I also miss my family and my friends. I miss the feel of a smaller city where it’s almost like you know everyone. 

4 thoughts on “Random Ramblings, #5

  1. Brianna @ Brianna the Bookworm says:

    Glad to hear you’ve been doing better and that you’re reading/writing again💖 I would definitely give San Diego some time. I moved to a much larger city from a smaller city years ago and it was an adjustment. It really is overwhelming at first, but I did get used to it and I like it here now 🙂 Hope things continue to go well for you!

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