Carrie by Stephen King



Title: Carrie

Author: Stephen King

Genre: Horror, fiction

Pages: 253

Format: eBook

Other: Amazon, GoodReads

Grade: A ( 5/5)

Blurb (GoodReads)

Carrie knew she should not use the terrifying power she possessed… But one night at her senior prom, Carrie was scorned and humiliated just one time too many, and in a fit of uncontrollable fury she turned her clandestine game into a weapon of horror and destruction…”


Carrie has been on my TBR since I was in middle school. It took me over a decade to get to it, but I FINALLY read it. And yes, it was as wonderful as I expected.

I had no idea what to expect when I first started reading Carrie. I mean, I knew that at some point, there would be a girl covered in blood and there’d be a few deaths. I knew there was something that had to do with a period. But other than that, I was surprisingly ignorant.

For those of you who were like me and didn’t know much about the book, Carrie is about a teenage girl who experiences an incredibly disturbing level of bullying from her classmates and lives with her crazy-religious mother who is definitely abusive. She’s different. Not just because she’s bullied relentlessly, and not just because her mother is horrible. She’s also telekinetic.

Despite everything, Carrie is a sympathetic character. I felt for her throughout the entire novel. I wanted someone to help her, someone to befriend her, someone to take her out of that home. I wanted a happy ending.

For me, Carrie’ character is the foundation of this novel. Without her complexities, the novel wouldn’t be as good as it is. It’s because of her that the plot is interesting. King hooks you with a sort of Cinderella like story. You’re hoping that Prince Charming will make everything better for her. It’s that hope and want that kept me turning the page.

Even though this is King’s first (published) novel, I found his writing style be familiar. Yes, it has changed over time, but even in his earliest days as a writer, he was a wonderful mixture of descriptive and to the point. For me, this is especially important because I hate too much fluff. Sure, a little description is nice, but I don’t need it to be overly poetic. That just makes me gag. Sometimes, its enough for me to not finish the book. But it’s also something I’ve never found in King’s work, and that’s one of the reasons I enjoying reading his work. I like his conversational tone.

However, I didn’t expect it to be told in a mixture of true narration, newspaper clippings, and excerpts from studies, etc. This isn’t something I’m normally a fan of, but I thought it added mystery to the novel. It made it a little more different.

There are many reasons to pick up Carrie. It’s Stephen King’s first novel, so it’s interesting to read what started his career. It’s iconic; everyone knows that scene with the blood (or maybe I’m just getting old). And it’s simply just a good book.

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