Well, it’s been awhile.

So, I have been MIA for quite some time now. Like months. And honestly, I might be a MIA for a little longer.

The main reason I’ve been silent is that my computer broke, and I wasn’t in a position to replace it. My cat knocked a cup of water on it and it was pretty much fried. And honestly, I can’t handle typing on my phone. It drives me crazy. I like a traditional laptop. Anyway, I have a computer FINALLY but…

My husband and I are also moving from Oklahoma to San Diego in a month. Crazy,  right? He recently accepted an offer there, so we have a lot we have to do. You know, like find an apartment. I guess that’s kind of important. Oi. So much going on. And honestly, I’m a incredibly stressed, a little terrified, and so very excited to live in California.

Hopefully once we get settled, I’ll have more time to pick this back up regularly. You might see a few posts here and there now that I have a computer, but there will definitely be lulls until we are moved into our apartment in San Diego and I have a stable job.

On the plus side, I have been keeping up with my reading. Kind of. I’ll post about that later ;).


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