Teacher Walkout

I wanted to make a quick post because my activity is probably going to become a little sparse over the next few days. I usually make my posts a week ahead, but I haven’t made much for the upcoming week because I’ve been incredibly busy. I wanted to explain why.

I am an Oklahoma teacher, and we are currently on our fifth day of our walkout for school funding. I’ve been rallying at both the Capitol and locally this week, and I plan to do so until our legislature returns the school funding they have been cutting for the past ten years. If you are interested in learning more about the walk out, our school conditions, or why I’m walking out, leave a comment and I’ll write a more thorough post when I have the time.

We are making progress with our legislatures, but we still aren’t there yet. I plan on being in the Capitol every day until funding for education is restored, and honestly, it’s exhausting. Because of this, I’m not sure I’ll have the energy to spend on reading, commenting, or creating posts.

Wish us luck!

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