Love, Simon

I honestly didn’t even know this was made into a movie until a few weeks ago when I saw the trailer on a React video on YouTube. But I knew about the book, and I have been meaning to read it for awhile. I did, by the way, read the book in one day, but I’ll talk about that when I post my review for Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda on Sunday.

Today I’m going to talk about the movie.

I knew I was going to love the movie just by the trailer, and I was SO excited to see it. I went earlier this week (spring break), and apparently, I’m not the only person who was incredibly excited to see this. There are multiple reasons why I wanted to see this.

  1. I love a good love story.
  2. I love teen rom-coms, especially John Hughes films and the director for Love, Simon wanted to make a rom-com that had a John Hughes feel to it. So yeah, I was pretty stoked about this.
  3. I love the idea of having a diverse cast without calling attention to the fact that the cast is diverse. From the trailer, it seemed like Love, Simon would create a sense of normalcy. It would primarily be a good story and it wouldn’t feel forced.
  4. I thought about what a movie like this would mean to the people in my life who have struggled with coming out, and I wanted to get a glimpse into what it was like for them.
  5. The trailer was funny, so there’s also that.
  6. Spoiler: I loved the book.

So you get the picture: I was super excited to see this movie.  It almost seems like I set myself up for disappoint. I mean, honestly, that’s how it usually works. But I wasn’t because just like I loved the book, I loved the movie.

This was a feel-good movie that took  a roller coaster to get there. I’m pretty sure I cried through like 30 minutes of the movie. But I also laughed, a lot. I rooted for Simon, and I rooted for Blue. Isn’t this what makes for a good movie? Something that has an emotional impact on you, that’s eye-opening, that’s both serious and funny? In my book, it is.

Yes, there were a lot of changes from the book to the movie. You don’t get to see as many of the emails that Blue and Simon exchange.  I mean I get it. It’s a movie. You can’t show it all, and while I do wish there had been more, I still felt like what they did include accomplished the end goal. There’s also a twist with Leah that I wasn’t nuts about, but I won’t spoil that for you. Simon’s older sister was taken out, but I didn’t really miss her.

Anyway, my point is that the changes weren’t that big of a deal. Yes, I noticed them, but I honestly didn’t care too much about those changes. In the end, Love, Simon was a good movie, and it’s a movie I plan on buying because even though I’m WAY older than the intended audience, I loved it. So if you’re having doubts or if you’re just looking for a movie to see, go see Love, Simon. It’s definitely worth it.

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