Spoilers Ahead, Discussion Post #1: Uprooted by Naomi Novik


If you haven’t read Uprooted by Naomi Novik, stop.  This post will contain major spoilers. If you have read it, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂

  1. Agnieszka’s Imperfections and Magic: I love that Agnieszka never becomes this beauty everyone wants. She’s always a mess, and it’s her imperfections that make her so endearing. This connects so well to how she performs her magic because others, like Sarkan, view her magic as unorganized. She doesn’t know why she does things the way she does, and sometimes she doesn’t even remember. But despite her somewhat chaotic nature, there’s power behind the ways she approaches things.
  2. Agnieszka and the Dragon: Part of me wonders if there’s any true “love” between Sarkan and Agnieszka. I guess there is this attraction that’s pretty strong, but it seems like their love for each other stems from the connection they formed combining their magic together. However, that moment when he almost loses her in the wood…That was a pretty powerful scene. I honestly want more. I’d read a sequel.
  3. The Rose: Was the whole point of them using magic to create a rose a way to make the Beauty and the Beast connection more obvious?  Maybe it’s about the beginning of their love, a visual representation of the forming of their relationship and the interruptions it would face.
  4. The Wood and Corruption: I love that we learned how the corruption could be reversed, that the Wood wasn’t really evil. It was truly corruption, and corruption spreads much like a disease. When the Wood Queen was in the castle, that allegory came to a whole new level. She became the person of power, and when a person of power (especially one who is so well loved) is corrupt, that corruption spreads quickly. And at the root of corruption, there’s greed and selfishness and anger. Despite this, corruption can be reversed. It takes time, patience, and creativity, but it can be undone.
  5. Jaga’s Book: Jaga and her magical book are fascinating. First, its clearly inspired from Baba Yaga (a witch in Russian folklore). This is interesting because usually she’s an evil witch, but Agniezka is connected to her type of magic. More importantly, her type of magic is freer and less-traditional, which counters the magic the Sarkan and Solya practice. Normally, this would have made her more of an outcast, but it ends up being the very thing that helps save them all.

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