Shadowhunters, the TV Show


Alright, so after reading several of the Mortal Instruments books, I thought it would be safe to start watching the show. Because, you know, I didn’t want it to spoil the books for me. Besides, I needed a show to hold me over until season 3 of Stranger Things and the final season of Game of Thrones.

Shadowhunters (on Freeform) was definitely not it. So heads up, this post is almost certainly going to be a long rant. So here’s my beef after 2 episodes:

  1. ALL THE CHANGES TO THE PLOT. Why ruin a good story? There were so many stupid changes. Sure, I can get making Clary eighteen. I mean fine. But having Jocelyn tell Clary about shadowhunters? Having her give Clary her steel? What happened to Luke’s bookshop (why the hell is he a cop?). And then the whole thing at the club. What happened to the blue haired demon guy? What the hell.
  2. The addition of new and pointless characters. We have the lady cop, we have Simon’s female band member who is in looove with him (what happened the other band members)? Dot who is nothing like the landlady I read about. So. Stupid.
  3. The horrendous acting. The only character that wasn’t completely painful to watch was Magnus. But Clary, Izzy, and Jace? God that was painful. Especially the little sounds that the actress playing Clary likes to make.
  4. The special effects are pretty bad. I get that this is a TV show and probably really low budge, but couldn’t they try to make their weapons look real?
  5. The Institute was nothing like I imagined it.
  6. The whole scene where Clary meets Hodge. Awful.

It’s honestly really disappointing. The story would make for an excellent TV show. The plot is interesting and the characters are interesting. But you know, you need someone to write a descent script and actors who can actually act.

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